Bluelight CIPP Lining

Bluelight CIPP Lining Northampton

Bluelight is the newest method of curing CIPP installations. A simple, cost effective, safe, and stress free CIPP lining solutions using the latest in technology using a system developed by installers for installers. The use of an LED light head that is passed through the resin impregnated material which is inverted through the damaged section of pipe, the LED lights then cure the resin which leaves a new pipe within the host pipe.

Advantages for private, public and industrial property owners

  • Long-term compliance with official and general drainage requirements
  • Restoration of water tightness and static load capacity of the pipeline, with an improved flow capacity
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum disruption thanks to speed
  • No chemical odours during work

Advantages for engineers, planners and architects

  • Quick and reliable project management
  • Fully automated quality assurance and documentation of all relevant parameters
  • Reduction of error potential compared with multi-component systems
  • Installation lengths of up to 95m (311 ft)

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